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Social Media Optimization

Over the years, the internet has experienced a trend towards online social communities. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Digg have all flourished with user generated content. The term used to describe these types of social-driven websites and their services is "social media."

Why SMO?

From social media has stemmed the practice of Social Media Optimization (SMO), or the leveraging of these social communities for SEO or a general internet marketing benefit. At Vizad, we recognize the power and vast potential of social media optimization. When used correctly and efficiently, it can:
  1. Help to brand your product and boost its brand visibility
  2. Assist with online reputation management
  3. Drive higher volumes of traffic
  4. Build backlinks to your website

Sites and Techniques

Below are a few of the major social media sites that Vizad can utilize to improve your website or online business. Note that this is a small cross-section of the 30+ networks that we optimize for regularly:
  • Digg.com - If your business caters to the technology crowd, this social media site could be a major boon.
  • Reddit.com - Do you feel you company provides products and services that are humorous, unique or maybe even a bit odd? This social bookmarking site could help you capture new customers.
  • StumbleUpon.com - Thousands of internet users looking to surf the net push their Stumble button and take whatever this site sends them. Provide informative and interesting content in the right categories and you could see a major increase in traffic.
  • Facebook.com - Of all the social networks, Facebook is the friendliest to businesses looking to get the word out. Create a profile for your business, join and create groups to interact with potential customers, or advertise.
  • Yahoo! Answers - For every question there is an answer. Yahoo! Answers puts your questions and answers on the internet for millions to read. Let Vizad monitor this and other Q&A sites to establish you as an expert in your field.


Like any other business practice, Social Media Optimization takes skill and experience. Vizad's SEO professionals have spent years developing an authoritative status within many social communities to make the most of their SMO efforts. Let Vizad manage your social media campaign, and experience the power of online social communities!