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Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

With over 100 million people using search engines, appearing on targeted search terms can make or break your business. Effective SEO strategies can take months to get significant traffic to your website due to the nature of search engine indexing and algorithms.

To jump-start your business immediately Vizad specializes in crafting efficient, strategic PPC campaigns to help you pay your bills today. We recommend using SEO and PPC together to maximize your exposure to potential customers who are searching now. SEO ensures your site ranks in the long-run while your PPC campaign will ensure that your site ranks on your most important keywords right now.

What we do

At Vizad we understand that each client has specific needs based on the size of their business, available resources, industry, competitors and future plans. Whether you want to maximize the number of visitors or lower your cost/conversion, we help you determine achievable goals and set an effective strategy which may include any or all of the following tactics:
  • Keyword selection - We find terms that get you qualified clicks
  • Ad copy - We consistently test and retest to find what resonates with your customers
  • Bid and position optimization - How high does your ad need to appear?
  • Content network advertising and more

Why choose Vizad

PPC advertising is a dynamic and fast-paced industry which requires constant learning to stay ahead of the pack. Vizad Inc. is a Google AdWords Qualified Company, a Yahoo Ambassador and Microsoft adExcellence certified member. We know the industry and stay current on new opportunities for your business. In summary, Vizad provides high-quality PPC management so that you can focus on your business.